Download Apk WeChat 4.5 For Android

WeChat 4.5 For Android is Instant Messaging application that has many features. WeChat is messaging built for mobile. And it's absolutely free.

Free Download Apk WeChat
WeChat For Android

  • Instant messaging in your pocket, with group chats and smileys
  • Speed up your communication on the go with voice messages and walkie talkie mode
  • Crystal clear voice and video calls
  • Sending photos and videos has never been simpler
  • No logouts, no online statuses, nothing to keep your friends from instantly seeing your messages every time
  • Get alerted the moment a new message arrives with push notifications
  • Chat with friends or people nearby you
  • Share, like, and comment on photos with your friends
  • Available on iPhone and all other smartphones, all for free 300 million people using WeChat around the world today know how fast and easy it is to add your friends and get started.
WeChat works over your phone's existing data plan or any WiFi connection. The interface of WeChat will be familiar to anyone that's ever used WhatsApp. Chats, Contacts, Social and Settings are listed along the bottom and new notifications appear in your WeChat timeline. WeChat also features an interesting real time Live Chat feature for groups and you can invite people into the chat using QR codes. WeChat also saves your chat history so that you can search it any time. 
Other than that however, WeChat is just another Facetime/WhatsApp alternative that doesn't offer anything new. As the developer is based in China, it's also considerably more popular in Asia than the rest of the World.

Download WeChat 4.5 For Android here... or directly download here..

Download Apk WeChat 4.5 For Android

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